We have a 10 step process at DiR Designs to help you through the Process of your order. Below you can view our process one corner at a time.



Turn one:    Get an idea in your head of what you want on your helmet.


Turn two:    Show us your design with photos from your current helmet (if you currently have one) or of any helmets that you admire. Alternatively, download

                 one of our templates and sketch out your own design ideas.


Turn three:  Visit our Contact page & get in touch with your enquire, outlining your specifications as much as possible to help us.


Turn four:   We will respond as soon as we can with an estimated quote to paint your helmet, along with an availability of when your helmet can be completed.


Turn five:    To proceed, if Computer Aided Design rendering is required, this can be worked on once an order has been placed.


Turn six:     Once this is complete, Acquiring a helmet will be orgainised. You can send a helmet to us or purchase your choice of helmet from us directly. This

                will all be organised on the lead up to your scheduled slot.


Turn seven: A deposit will be required if you are purchasing a helmet through us directly. If you are sending us a helmet, this will stand as a deposit.


Turn eight:  Once we recieve the helmet to be painted. You will be contacted if we have any further questions. Additionally, we will contact you direct when the

                 helmet is near completion.


Turn nine:   At this point the outstanding bill will be settled and then the helmet will be shipped to you.


Turn ten:     Lastly, get your new racing identity on the track! We believe DiR helmets will provide you with at least an extra three tenths off a second per lap!


Opening Hours


Days:    Mon - Fri

Hours:   9am - 5pm

Closed:  Weekends & Holidays


Tel:       +4477 800 70 800

Email:   DiRdesign.helmets@gmail.com

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                              Here  at  DiR designs,  we create

                              some   of  the  most  unique   &

                              contemporary custom helmets in the  world.  We know each drivers identity needs to be unique as its what represents them on the track. For this reason  we  produce  the  fastest  designs  for  only  the

fastest drivers.