Matte finishes are a frequent request. This clear coat has advantages and disadvantages. The benefit being there is no light glare to interfere with your design, but the matte finish can be hard to keep clean. We would advise the matte finish for touring drivers where the helmet is protected. Matte also has an additional charge to gloss.














This combination can be very desirable as it gives your helmet design even more depth. It can create two tone colours as each clear coat reveals different finishes to the paint. This is the most expensive finish as it requires additional masking after the fist clear coat, and the price is dependant on the level of masking required.














This finish is an industry standard. This clear coat is what you would commonly find on your car. Gloss is by far the most durable clear coat and allows for an easy cleaning surface for many years. We would recommend this finish for all karting and single seater drivers where the helmet will be exposed to debris.

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