To help things along, we have listed the most popular questions FAQs. If you don't find the answer you seek below, please feel free to get in contact with us.




Q 1.)  Why choose DiR Designs?


  A:   We provide some of the most detailed and professional designs to give you your very own customised racing identity. We believe we provide some of the

        worlds leading custom paint jobs in the industry.  Our gallery page talks for itself, click here to view.



Q 2.) Can we paint over an already painted helmet?


  A:   In short, yes we can. But we strongly recommend against it. There’s additional charges to preparing the helmet & it can dramatically increases the weight in

        a helmet with a second paint job.



Q 3.) Can you supply me with a new helmet?


  A:   Yes. We are an official Arai retailer so we can provide all Arai helmets & accessories. We also have dealer contracts with Bell & Stilo helmets so they can

        also be provided to your demand.



Q 4.) Can you paint replicas or duplicate designs?


  A:   No. Helmets are unique to each driver and are true to them, we can design and paint helmets based upon a style you like but wont ever be a match. We

        can only ever paint replicas subject to approval.



Q 5.) What kind of paint do you use?


  A:   DiR Designs uses a wide range or paints to suit every clients demand. Primarily House of Kolor paints are used but we also use AutoAir paints form time to

        time. We can use both Solvent based paint and water based paint if one is specifically if required.



Q 6.) Do you require a deposit before starting?


  A:   Yes and No. If you are purchasing a helmet through us then we require a deposit to go towards the purchase of the helmet. If you are supplying us with a

        helmet of your own then no we don’t need a deposit as the providing us the helmet will count as an agreement.



Q 7.) What is the turn around time on a helmet paint job?


  A:   This is a very variable answer and is season based. Customer demand time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on the time of the year.

        We feel you are best to plan well in advance when placing an order to help us slot in the best time for you. You can see the busy periods on our Pricing

        page here.



Q 8.) What is your policy on shipping the helmet?


  A:   For all UK deliveries we ship the helmets with Royal Mail unless another carrier is requested. We use Royal Mail as they provide an insurance service that

        will cover the helmet if it is damaged or lost. We can ship to overseas, but this will cost substantially more & will vary depending on where the helmet is

        being shipped to.



Q 9.) What other services do you provide at DiR Designs?


  A:   DiR designs originally stared as a Graphic Design firm so we provide most design services. Computer Aided Helmet design renders is an extra service if you

        need one provided with your order. Other examples include; Logo Design, Car Livery Design, Suit Design etc. Feel free to get in contact if you require any

        other form of design rendered product.



Q 10.) How do i stay connected with DiR Designs?


  A:   We have many forms of social media constantly providing you with updates and new work. You can find all the links on our contact page here.



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                              Here  at  DiR designs,  we create

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