Here at DiR designs we have a 3 step process to get you the best design for your racing identity.

DiR Designs can provide a design service with your order, but to help get your ideas and thoughts across to us in a clearly illustrated way, please feel free to download our design templates and sketch out your design.


We have three helmet brands for you to chose from; Arai, Bell & Stilo.


Feel free to send in your designs for a free estimation. Details are available on the Contact page.

To download these images for Mac users simply open the file and drag & drop the file onto your desktop, for computers simple open the file and right click on the image and select  'Save image as...".

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                              Here  at  DiR designs,  we create

                              some   of  the  most  unique   &

                              contemporary custom helmets in the  world.  We know each drivers identity needs to be unique as its what represents them on the track. For this reason  we  produce  the  fastest  designs  for  only  the

fastest drivers.