DiR designs is a leading brand in the motorsport industry specialising in custom helmet painting. The world of motorsport is a fast flowing industry. Once involved, it drives our lifestyle and our culture. Racing drivers, along with many other sporting athletes, want to acquire a level of style while they perform their sporting talent. We believe a stylish helmet is a fast helmet. Here at DiR Designs, we strive to bring a unique style to all customers in creating a design that will be best suited the customers racing identity. DiR Designs extracts the best out of our clients visions and ideas then transforms their helmet into a customised work of art that they can be truly proud of.




Signature, one of the only things we have that’s truly unique to ourselves. At DiR Designs we replicate this into our work so you have something that is truly individual to yourself. We want our customers to have the fastest helmets which they can identify with themselves.



As a brand, we put our mark into most of our helmets in our own DiR style which will always enhance the helmets to be amount the very best. But ultimately the design is based upon the clients requirements to help them achieve a helmet that’s true to themselves & reflects your personality. This combination between ourselves and clients brings some of the worlds leading helmets in both design and paint.



Your helmet is your racing identity. This is very important as the helmet is the face in which you will use to establish yourself in the world of motorsport. When designing your new helmet we want to get your identity just right so we are open to any ideas you feel will bennifit your own personal touch onto your helmet. This service is in all of our design processes and we will work close with you for however long it takes to achieve ‪#yourfastestidentity



Creating a balance. Most helmet designs are created on two dimensional CAD drawings, this can often give a miss leading impression of how your helmet will look once its is transferred to paint. At DiR Designs we will bring our professional experience to give the leading designs which will transfer onto a three dimensional helmet best, the designs will be done in ways that will best compliment the contours of the helmet.

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                              Here  at  DiR designs,  we create

                              some   of  the  most  unique   &

                              contemporary custom helmets in the  world.  We know each drivers identity needs to be unique as its what represents them on the track. For this reason  we  produce  the  fastest  designs  for  only  the

fastest drivers.